Protect your view today by calling (310) 265-8000

Serving all of California

Protect your view today by calling (310) 265-8000

Serving all of California

CaliforniaViewLaw solves view obstruction disputes inexpensively and amicably.

Real property laws can be complicated. A misstep at the start of the view restoration process can spoil the outcome. The attorneys at CaliforniaViewLaw will use their in-depth knowledge of view ordinances and processes to make sure that your view is restored and preserved, often through mediation and without expensive, drawn-out litigation. Over the years, CaliforniaViewLaw has mediated hundreds of view disputes to satisfying resolutions.

Ficus Hedge

  • Problem: 34 to 40 foot tall ficus hedge blocking huge swath of coastline view
  • Our Role: Retained to restore magnificent view
  • Outcome: Negotiations led by CalViewLawtm resulted in a 13 foot high hedge and a remarkable, restored coastline view.

Aleppo Pines

  • Problem: 17 Aleppo pines obstructing 100 foot panoramic view of Santa Monica Bay
  • Our Role: Retained to handle negotiations between neighbors
  • Outcome: Agreement reached.  All 17 trees were removed, replaced by 6 foot high hedges & assorted other lower-growing trees

22 Trees

  • Problem: 22 trees were obstructing views of Santa Monica Bay, Coastline & Los Angeles Basin
  • Our Role: Retained to restore magnificent view
  • Outcome: Negotiations led by CaliforniaViewLawtm resulted in a coral, an ash, two sycamores, four eucalyptus and fourteen canary pines being laced and having their crowns reduced four feet to restore priceless views

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