Protect your view today by calling (310) 265-8000

Serving all of California

Protect your view today by calling (310) 265-8000

Serving all of California

Powerful Legal Protection for Stunning California Views

Serving All of California

Our focus:
Protecting magnificent views for our clients.

Your Rights to Your View

When a neighbor blocks your awesome ocean view our attorneys help you navigate complex municipal codes and processes to restore your view, increase home value and restore peace of mind.

Deciphering Municipal Ordinances

We dig deep into dense local zoning and view ordinances to create beneficial outcomes for property owners – as well as the realtors and brokers who represent them.

Deed Covenants and Restrictions

These community association documents dictate how one can or can’t use a property. Our attorneys will help you analyze and manage these provisions, and help you to maintain property values through view protection and preservation.

Neighbor Disputes

Our attorneys will help you resolve issues regarding the unlawful destruction of trees, “spite” fences, tree and foliage obstructions, and other boundary disputes.

Million dollar views restored

Protect the value of your property and enjoy the view you paid for.

Client reviews

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Peterson to solve a longstanding tree issue that was blocking a majority of the view from my property. I had tried, on friendly terms, to get the issue resolved myself but was not making much progress. I decided to engage Mr. Peterson to advise me on next steps since I had been unable to make any progress on my own. This was the best decision I made… "

– Ray

"Charles helped us regain our beautiful coastline views that we had lost to overgrown and untrimmed foliage. The obstructed view impacted 5 properties and we had worked hard over the years to get some results. Finally, Charles came to the rescue and now we are all enjoying the ocean views that we fell in love with when making the purchase of our homes."

– Karna

"My husband and I feel extremely fortunate to have had Charlie Peterson involved in our view restoration action. Charlie’s professional handling, compassionate advice and astute understanding of the law made all the difference in our ability to resolve the dispute to our full satisfaction. Charlie’s mediation skills are superb. We thoroughly endorse Charlie Peterson."

– Beth

"I want to take a moment to say thank you for all your good advice and information on the tree issue I am currently having with the City! Thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything to me in great detail and advising the direction I should take with my case! I really appreciate all your valued time and guidance, thanks so much!"

– Elisa

Why work with us

  • We’re intensely focused on a very specialized type of real estate law.
  • We help protect & recover your view, often without litigation.
  • Our knowledge of municipal codes, mediation & litigation.

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The remarkable views on your property are priceless. So, when taken away, you naturally want to take action.

But please know that the laws are complicated. One wrong step at the beginning of your view restoration complaint can spoil the outcome. Let's talk first so that your initial steps can lead to success.

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Sample: Neighborly Request for Tree Trimming

Not sure where to begin? Use this Neighborly Request template to get started.


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