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Charles Peterson Breaks Down the Basics of View Ordinances in Palos Verdes Peninsula News

In the article, “Ordinances can protect stunning views” published by Palos Verdes Peninsula NewsCharles Peterson explains that all four cities on the Palos Verdes Peninsula have view ordinances or rules, which provide homeowners a legal avenue to protect or reclaim their property’s scenic view. For example, Rolling Hills has dual processes, one administered by the city and one governed by the community association.

“Most view obstruction situations resolve when the view seeker meets with the tree-owning neighbor,” says Mr. Peterson. However, if a resolution isn’t met, then, as a first step, the neighbors must submit to a professional mediator to attempt to resolve the dispute.

If no decision can be reached through mediation or the municipal processes, view ordinances allow either neighbor to file a lawsuit in the Superior Court.

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