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Sample Letter to a Neighbor About Tree(s)

Send a friendly letter to your neighbor describing the problem and possible resolutions. Download our prepared Neighborly Request template (Microsoft Word format) and modify it for your particulars.

Dear Mr/Mrs. _________________,

My name is __________________ and I wanted to introduce myself as your neighbor at _____________________. [My spouse and] I have knocked on your door several times over the past month but missed you each time we've stopped by. [We are excited to begin our construction project and will make every effort not to create any disturbances. I am confident that you will find the approved design of our house and landscape plan to be very compatible with the area while respecting the privacy of the adjacent homes.]

I am sending you this letter, however, to request your permission to have a licensed tree contractor trim back and/or remove the _______ trees (at our expense) that [line your driveway to the west of our property.] These trees completely obstruct our [westerly] view of the [ocean and sunset]. The row of trees has not been properly maintained and create a major view impairment from our home [and shed pine needles and sap in our yard and pool area].

Additionally, the trees also obstruct the ocean views for the neighboring homes at ____________ and _____________ [addresses]. Furthermore, they are [starting to buckle your driveway and uproot the foundation of the wall] that separates our properties which will only worsen with the passage of time.

For your review, I have included an excerpt from the [local ordinance or applicable CC&R] which are intended to ensure that vegetation height is controlled to prevent view blockages:

Accordingly, I wanted to propose that we be given permission to trim and/or remove the aforementioned trees (if the height cannot be reduced without incurring permanent damage) with the understanding that we will replace the removed trees with a new species at our expense that is acceptable to the city arborist while ensuring that your privacy is maintained.

On behalf of my family and neighbors to the [south] who are also affected, I appreciate your understanding and look forward to working out an amicable compromise with you. Please give me a call at ( ___ ) ___________ to discuss a resolution.

Kind Regards,

[Your Name], NEIGHBOR
[Your Address]

There are steps you should take before sending a letter. Read our guide here.