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Real estate and Land Use laws are always changing. CalViewLaw can help you keep with new ordinances and government policies that may affect your property.

Charles Peterson Discusses View Ordinances and Its Impact on Home Values to South Bay RE/MAX

Founding Partner Charles Peterson presented, “What Every Real Estate Professional Should Know About View Preservation and View Restoration Ordinances,” to South Bay RE/MAX on May 5, 2015. A view ordinance is the legal vehicle to bring forth a lawsuit to restore and preserve a homeowners’ view. Restoring scenic views can increase real estate property values up to $100,000.

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The “New Normal”

I attended a presentation this week that nearly made me ill. The health of California’s court system was the topic. It isn’t good. The budget of the judicial branch has been cut over $600 million in the past three years – with more cuts on the way – to the detriment of every Californian.

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